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The closer we are to the society .the more experience we will gain in our lives.
No matter who does something against the balance of nature, he will be punished.
Most importantly, the wide use of the computer has brought us more convenience in our lives.
Travel can broaden our minds by learning about different cultures of the world.
Not only do books show us a broad world but also we can benefit from them all our lives.
I enjoy my hobby very much .It offers me an opportunity to do something interesting and creative .Meanwhile, it provides me with a source of pleasure.
Beijing has succeeded in bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games, which shows that China and the Chinese people have confidence and power to host it successfully.
北京已成功申办了2008 年的奥运会,这就向世界展示了中国人民有信心也有能力将它举办成功。
It is necessary to organize a variety of interesting out-of-class activities, which make our school life colorful.
How important and necessary for us to keep the balance of nature and protect the environment!
We are living in a big family .We should care for and help each other and think it a great pleasure to help others when they are in trouble.
I think we can relax ourselves after school by playing videogames .But I don’t mean we can spend too much time on it when we should study our lessons.
Time is fair to everyone .Some treasure it while others waste it .That’s why some succeed while others suffer failure .Do remember :Time belongs to ourselves.
The world seems to have grown smaller as we have fast ways of traveling now.
More and more people own their private cars nowadays, which show that the people’s income has been increasing day by day.
When people have their own cars, they should pay more attention to the protection of the environment and obey the traffic rules.
The life of the people in my homework has greatly improved these years thanks to the Party’s good policy.
The school sports meet was really a success. That was because all of us were in high spirits and going all out to act better for our classes.
Now I have come to know what labor means .I think what I experienced in this summer vacation is really successful and meaningful.
It is clear from the chart that people can afford to live and eat better day by day as their income increases.
Everyone has responsibility of saving water. Saving water means saving our earth that is, saving ourselves.
The more books we read, the more we’ll learn .Do more reading if we are free.
At present, more and more people tend to spend their holidays and weekends doing what they like best. For example, they go for an outing together with their families, and friends, travel in the other countries, and do some reading in the libraries.
The mobile phones are playing more and more important part in people’s daily life, for it has brought about great convenience when we communicate with each other.
China’s succeeded in sending up the first manned spacecraft, which proved that China’s aerospace technology has reached the leading level. The Chinese people take great pride in it.
Surfing the internet has become more popular with the people, both old and young; men and women. The internet has shortened people’s distance and at the same time benefit the people in different ways.
We should not confine ourselves to the classroom. We should go out of the classroom, see the world and talk to others as much as we can.
 我们不应该满足于课堂教学,我们要走出教室,(高中英语作文 www.yingyuzuowen.com)了解世界,多与别人交谈。
I always believe in such a saying:”Go straight your own way without caring what others say behind.
Now we are not small children any longer .We should spend some of our spare time helping our parents do some housework to reduce their burdens, from which we can learn how to care for others.
The modern world is full of competition and challenge .So from now on we should learn how to catch a chance and hold it in our hands, and how to use it well.
    当今世界充满了竞争, 充满了挑战。所以从现在开始,我们要学会抓住遇,运筹帷幄。
Time is limited but knowledge is boundless .A student should know how to make full use of time and store up as much knowledge as possible.
Only those who have achieved great success after many failures are really valuable and praise worthy.
On the whole, smoking is very harmful and it does no good! For your own health and the health of others, please do not smoke any more!
Video games are bad for both physical and mental health of the young .Therefore; video arcades should be banned from cities and towns.
In my view ,it is reasonable to change the job if you have a better opportunity .But once you  have found a position where you can fully display your ability ,it is advisable to settle down to it and put all your efforts into it .
We need to keep our minds open and question things that we are interested in. Only in this way can we learn more and make our future better than today.
What is important is not whether we win or not, but whether we can get up again.
Animals are good friends of man .Man should try to protect them and let them live in the way they like.
Beijing, the city with a long history, has taken on a new look. The open-door policy of our country has given it a new life .Beijing is becoming more and more beautiful and lovely .It is on the way of a modern international city.
The reason why sports are so popular is that sports can keep our body fit. Sports also help us learn to be brave and confident when we meet with difficulties. What’s more, we can learn how to get along with our teammates in the games and matches. 
Today, fast food is developing very fast and more and more popular with the people, for it brings people great convenience, especially when they are too busy .But it should be further improved to meet the needs of different people.
Though we were very tired after finishing the work, we all felt happy.
Let’s put stress on the importance of birth control and call on the whole nation to take more effective actions so that our country could have a brighter future.
I do enjoy music .I always listen to music whenever I’m free .Music brings me into a different world .The feeling is beyond words .It has become an important part in my life .I can hardly imagine what life would be without music.
    我太喜欢听音乐了,只要一有时间我就会听音乐.音乐带我进入了一个不同   的世界.这种感觉无法言喻.音乐以成为我生命中重要的一部分,真的很难想像,如果没有音乐,我的生活会怎样!
We should show respect for our parents, teachers and the elderly and at the same time we should also give our love and help to those who are younger than us. Only so can we say that we are excellent Chinese youths,
To be honest will ensure us a happy life. It is better, at all times, to stick to the truth.
It’s the responsibility of the whole society to help those children who have dropped out of school .I believe that many children will go back to school with our help. I also believe that the children will certainly repay what they have got from the society.
We must work hard at all knowledge of science and technology and at the same time transfer our knowledge to the practical power of producing.
If everyone presents a bit of love, the world will become a wonderful world.